Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Online Assignment #1 Olivia Bruce

1. I was born in Rochester, MN and have lived there my entire life. However, my family is from South Africa and I have been fortunate to travel there multiple times. I'm actually a dual citizen!

2. As I mentioned in discussion earlier this week, I have gotten my news from Twitter, which then resulted in conversations with my peers and parents. Recently, though, I've been watching CNN every morning while I get ready for the day. I am also going to be taking an interest in more local news as I am going to be writing for the Badger Herald.

3. I've never really gotten addicted to TV shows, but I do have quite a few ones that I'll watch when/if I have downtime. Those shows--in no specific order--are: Say Yes to the Dress, Criminal Minds (gotta love Reid and Morgan!), Lie to Me, and Drop Dead Diva.

4. I don't really have one catch-phrase that I always "go to", but recently this is what I've been saying: "Such is life" "On Wisconsin!" "Everything happens for a reason." "Oh fantastic!" (with an emphasis on the "fan") I'm a pretty happy person by and large, so I like to think that my catch-phrases mimic that.

5. I honestly cannot understand these 3 music videos: Wrecking Ball, We Can't Stop, and Blurred Lines. I would like to enjoy my music (and their corresponding videos) without feeling as if I'm watching an X-rated movie.

6. I am quite the fan of Taylor Swift-- so any song by her would be perfectly fine by me to hear prior to lecture starting.

7. While delaying doing homework the other night, I found this video of Jack Johnson's new song, "I got you". I thought it was very refreshing from what's been recently produced by the music video industry. Plus, as an added bonus, this song is super cute! Take a listen :)

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