Sunday, September 22, 2013

Discusion Prep for Blur Chapters 6-7

Here are some starter discusion questions for class tomorrow on Chapters 6-7 of Blur.

1) On page 119, Kovach and Rosenstiel assert that "News should meet the tests of imparting the literal meaning of the facts and also support the connotative and annotative meanings as well." Is news capable of this today? Of these three levels of meaning which do you believe is the most important in the way that consumers understand what is written?

2) Using the example of a debate with a moderator who does not question statements, Kovach and Rosentstiel bring up the idea that facts in todays culture are devalued and all assertions become equal whether they are accurate or not. Why do you think this is occurring? Do you agree?

3) Kovach and Rosenstiel imply that it is now harder than ever for consumers to get accurate information because newsrooms who would have worked to find evidence are shrinking and the amount of journalsim of assertion is rising. Is the average citizen capable of asking themselves "show me, prove it, and why should I believe it?"

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