Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Online Assignment #1

1.  I grew up in Humbird (it barely comes up on a GPS so don't expect to know where it is), and about a year ago we moved about 10 miles away to Merrillan (also a very small town).  And when I say small, I mean I graduated with 43 other kids. 

2.  I watched The Colbert Report every week for about a year but since classes started I have been trying to just tune in to CNN in the morning for an hour or so.

3.  I was a HUGE House fan, and still am, but since its series final I have found comfort in reruns of Friends and Grey's Anatomy.

4.  My favorite catch phrase is currently "Cool stuff."  My boss says it all the time and it's just a great alternative to "okay".  Well it isn't that great... but it's catchy. 

Especially when repeated two times!  

Try it!

5.  The pop culture phenomenon I find most annoying is probably"swag".  I don't even know what that is?  It may be a sound effect?  I don't get it...

6.  I would very much enjoy if we could get some Mike Mains and the Branches playing before class!

7.  This is super cool video starring the magnificent Kristen Wiig.

Also, SNL is a media masterpiece.
Cool stuff, cool stuff!

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