Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My First Online Assignment

1.       I was born in Madison, WI. I grew up not far from Madison in Waunakee, WI.

2.       My primary source for news is the Wisconsin State Journal or any of the big news channels/sources including Fox, CNN, and BBC. If I need a break I turn on E! News and get my fill of celebrity and entertainment news.

3.       My favorite TV show is either Pretty Little Liars or Paranormal Witness.

4.       My favorite catch phrase, despite its annoyance, is ‘ain’t about that life’. I find myself using it more often than I should but it is funny when used effectively.

5.       My least favorite pop culture phenomenon is YOLO. When YOLO first came out, I loved it. However, now when you see “I just ate a peanut butter sandwich. YOLO!” on Facebook I can’t help but find myself shaking my head (SMH).  

6.       I would love to hear Owl City or Imagine Dragons. Vanilla Twilight or Alligator Sky by Owl City or It’s Time or Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.
7. There are no words.

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