Monday, September 23, 2013

Online Assignment #1: About Me

1. I am American, but I was born in Beijing, where my Chinese mom and American dad only spoke Mandarin to me. Next, we moved to Long Island, New York, where I learned English with a Long Island accent. After a few years, we moved to Georgia, followed by our move to Singapore. Singapore is where I grew up and where I consider my home. It is a tiny, prosperous island/country/city with virtually no crime and no natural disasters (meaning I pretty much grew up in a bubble of safety). I attended the Singapore American School, so my high school experience included varsity athletics, proms, homecomings, learning US history and taking AP courses much like other typical American high schools. I tried my best to keep up, but I am a little out of touch with American media and what living in a democracy with free speech is like.

2. I will admit that I get most of my news from scrolling through Twitter and picking out a broad range of stories to read. I try to follow a variety of news sources, including CNN, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, LA Times, The Daily Beast, Reuters and the AP. While scrolling through my feed, I like to see how different news accounts summarize their stories within the constraints of a Tweet. Outside of Twitter, I go on the New York Times website and The Daily Beast Website when I have more time. As I have mentioned, living overseas limited my access to American radio and TV because some shows were not allowed in my region, or the time-zone difference just made the live shows difficult to catch.

3. I have a serious love for documentaries on things ranging from anything historical to reincarnation to media’s role in gender equality. My favorite TV series is probably Workaholics because Adam, Blake and Ders are not only hilarious, but they seem to have fun when making the show. What makes the show even better is that Ders is a UW-Madison alumnus. Game of Thrones is also fantastic.

4. I cannot think of any one phrase that I specifically adore, but it makes me happy whenever people say words like "groovy" or "neat" because they are sort of from a different time. 

5. Twerking does not annoy me, but I just do not understand it. I guess the twerking phenomenon did not make it across the sea to Singapore. On a more serious note, I get bothered with casual references of violence and sexual violence in songs, TV shows or other mediums.

6. When I heard Modest Mouse playing before the first lecture of the semester, it caught my attention and made my Monday morning much happier. Please keep playing artists like Modest Mouse. Jimi Hendrix would be nice. And, hypothetically, if I was being honest in a judgement-free environment, I would say that "We Can't Stop" by Miley Cyrus is definitely my current guilty pleasure song.

7. This certainly is not new, but by the end of this video my eyes always water because of how passionate she is.

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