Tuesday, October 29, 2013

VALS - Online Assignment #2

VALS said that my dominant consumer type is Innovator and my secondary type is Achiever. I mostly agree with these results - while not everything is accurate, most statements in the descriptions are somewhat similar to my worldview.

Innovators are “receptive to new ideas and technologies” and “active consumers [whose] purchases  reflect cultivated tastes for upscale, niche products and services.” It is true that I enjoy learning about new ideas - I enjoy going to the public lectures available on campus, as well as reading for pleasure and listening to radio programs. I also enjoy learning about the tech world through WIRED (one of my supposed favorite things is accurate!) and in various product catalogues through my job as a sound engineer. There are some niche products for which I have a ‘cultivated taste’ - one that immediately comes to mind is different kinds and methods of brewing coffee; another is local food - but for the most part I don’t tend to buy things that are ‘upscale’. I wouldn’t characterize myself as an active consumer - I justify buying things that I know I need that will last, as opposed to things that will only stay trendy for a year or two.  And my life may be “characterized by variety,” but then again, isn’t this true for all college students? Come to think of it, doesn’t everyone want “a rewarding experience” as one of their favorite things? 

Achiever, my secondary type, is dedicated to “a deep commitment to career and family.” Achievers “live conventional lives, are political conservative, and respect authority and the status quo.” This description is probably a complete 180 degrees away from me and actually made me laugh. While I tend to throw myself into work when it really interests me, and enjoy having close relationships, I doubt that my lifestyle can be characterized as ‘conventional’. I’m not at all politically conservative. And I think the status quo is not the end-all be-all. I sometimes enjoy “time-saving devices,” and enjoy “recognition at work”, but I don’t drive a Honda and actively avoid Rachael Ray and low - calorie beer (gross).  While the Achiever type somewhat reflects my consumer type, I think it more accurately reflects me in another thirty years. 

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