Thursday, October 31, 2013

Online Assignment #2

According to the VALS survey, I was classified primarily as an Innovator and secondarily as an Experiencer. While I don’t think that either of these classifications is necessarily a spot-on description of myself, I think that the combination of the two provides a somewhat accurate description of my personality traits and habits as a consumer. 

Innovators are characterized as “successful, sophisticated, take-charge people,” who express themselves through their image, which displays their “taste, independence, and personality.” While I don’t think this is a completely accurate description of my personality, I think there are certainly aspects of this classification that ring true. I don’t think that I’m overly concerned with my image, but I definitely am aware of how I present myself and how I want to be perceived by others. Another characteristic of Innovators is that “their lives are characterized by variety,” which I strive to achieve on a daily basis. I enjoy trying new things and dislike when my day becomes routine and mundane, so I would say that this is a fairly accurate evaluation of my personality. While I don’t think that my consumer habits match those of Innovators exactly, because they are said to have “cultivated tastes for upscale, niche products” and I’m more likely to shop at H&M or a thrift store than anywhere else, the characterization as a whole is a fairly close description of how I see myself.

My secondary VALS type, Experiencer, seems to me to be a less accurate characterization of my personality but still maintains some aspects that reflect my personality and buying habits. Experiencers are described as “young, enthusiastic and impulsive consumers” that are “motivated by self-expression” and “seek variety and excitement.” My buying habits are far from impulsive, but I would agree that I strive to seek out excitement in my life and resist the routine. Overall, I feel that neither one of my VALS types describes my personality and buying habits 100% accurately but together, they create a general profile of myself that is somewhat similar to reality.

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