Sunday, October 27, 2013

            After taking the VALS survey, my primary type was an “experiencer” while my secondary type was an “innovator.” An experiencer is described as being “motivated by self-expression” according to the Strategic Business Insight website. The website describes them as being very into entertainment, fashion, and social events and that is where they spend a majority of their money on. Although I do enjoy going out, meeting new people, and experiencing new things, I definitely do not place as much emphasis on “looking cool and having ‘cool’ stuff” like the website describes. Under experiencer’s favorite things include Rolling Stone magazine and Red Bull energy drinks. I have never tried an energy drink in my life, surprisingly. I just prefer coffee. And I think I may have opened a Rolling Stone once, but still don’t usually read magazines similar to it. I love being entertained and definitely don’t like being bored, but I do not think that this VALS type best describes me.
 However, when reading about my secondary VALS type as an innovator, I related more to their description. This VALS type I think more accurately reflected my want for variety in life. I also liked their description as image being important as an “expression of their taste, independence, and personality.” I responded positively and related more to this statement than any of the other statements on the experiencers’ type. I also liked their categorization of favorite things “a rewarding experience,” and as goofy as it sounds, sparkling water. I do most things to feel rewarded after doing them, whether it be working out, or studying hard for an exam. But I do drink sparkling water daily, which made this VALS type description even more relatable.  

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