Tuesday, October 29, 2013

VALS assessment--assignment #2

According to my VALS survey, my consumer type is primarily Innovator and my secondary type is experiencer. Some of the assessments are spot-on, but also generally spot-on to most of the college-aged population.

As an “innovator” I have been profiled as a “successful, sophisticated, take-charge” person who is “receptive to new ideas and technologies”.  I can take-charge when I need to, but, actually, I prefer not to lead if I’m being honest. I wouldn’t say I’m drawn to being a leader in business and government like the profile guesses. I think it is true that I’m receptive to what is new, but I also think that is true for a majority of my generation.  We’re programmed to be. The innovator profile also labels me as someone who cares about image to express “taste, independence, and personality”, which is more or less true. Again, though, I think that is a truth for my generation in general. I don’t think that I’m materialistic, or I at least try very hard not to be, and this seems to have labeled me as someone who is. I certainly wouldn’t put sparkling water or a BMW on a list of my favorite things.

My second type, “experiencer”, seemed to reflect me a bit more. It is true that I’m young and enthusiastic. However, I have to say I’m far from an impulsive consumer. I tend to have developed reluctance to spend money on something over the years and suffer a lot of buyer’s remorse.  A high proportion of my income is probably indeed spent on fashion, entertainment, and socializing. But, honestly, what college student doesn’t spend a high majority of income on those three things? I think what this profile is saying is that I prefer to spend money on experience rather than just things, which is something I find true about myself. I just contemplate those purchases more than the profile guesses. 

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