Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Online Assignment #2

According to the VALS survey, my primary type is Experiencer and my secondary type is Innovator. Overall, I would agree with this assessment.
Experiencers are "avid consumers" who "spend a comparatively high proportion of their income on fashion, entertainment, and socializing." As a self-diagnosed online-shopping addict, I can vouch for the validity of this statement. I spend a great deal of my savings on clothing and accessories, especially shoes. In addition, I subscribe to multiple fashion magazines and know more pop culture facts than one should admit. I also am one to never pass up the opportunity to go to a concert or eat at a new restaurant with friends. Traveling and trying new things are two of my favorite pastimes  Because each of these things fall under the Experiencer category, it's safe to say VALS analyzed my primary type correctly.
Although I would not always consider myself sophisticated, there are definitely certain Innovator qualities that apply to my character. Like an Innovator, I’m typically concerned with my image “as an expression of [my] taste, independence, and personality.” I tend to dress in a way that conveys my sense of style and how I want to be perceived. I also am one who feels the need to take charge when placed in a group-work situation. When power is out of my hands, it makes me anxious. Therefore I usually fall under the “take-charge” characteristic of Innovators. I also seek challenges, especially academically. I like being in rigorous courses because I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment I get when completing them.

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