Friday, October 25, 2013

Online Assignment 2

My primary VALS type is Experiencer, and my secondary type is Achiever. For the most part I do think the categorization accurately reflects my outlook. As for Experiencer, it was correct in saying that I do spend a comparatively high proportion of my income on fashion, entertainment, and socializing. I like to go out with my friends, watch movies, go out to eat and of course shopping because I like to look presentable on a daily basis. I would say I often spend money on things that are “in” or “cool” and that I do put an emphasis on looking good. Additionally, I love to be outside, get exercise and play sports, however I am not much of a risk taker. I like variety and excitement, but to an extent. VALS said some of my favorite things are VW, Rolling Stone, and Red Bull. First, I own a Buick and love it. Second, I have never picked up that magazine (Rolling Stone) and probably will not in the near future and lastly I do not enjoy energy drinks nor have I ever tried Red Bull. However, overall the categorization of my primary type was fairly accurate.

            I think Achiever definitely fits me as a secondary type, but as with the first type I also differ in some aspects. I am very committed to my family and to school and I like stability. But, I am not a conservative and I do not always like the status quo. Image is important to me but I would not buy a product just to demonstrate my success to my peers. Again, I like my Buick and not a Honda. I also do not read the “typical” mom magazine like Every Day with Rachael Ray or drink low-calorie domestic beer. My drink of choice is Snapple.

           I know the descriptions will not match up to every single person exactly and this can be seen in my description because the Experiencer is a little more crazy then I am, but the Achiever is more conventional. Overall though, I think VALS pretty accurately captured me as a person and as a consumer.

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