Friday, November 1, 2013

Online Assignment 2

            The categorizations the VALS survey gave me were achiever and experiencer. I believe my primary VALS type, achiever, accurately describes me. Achievers are motivated by their desire for achievement and lead goal oriented lifestyles. I believe this is a good description of my lifestyle as throughout school I have strived to get good grades, and get leadership positions in activities I am involved in, and will work as hard as I need to achieve these goals. Also, achievers are described as valuing consensus, which I agree with, however they are also described as valuing stability and predictability, which I don’t agree describes me. Under favorite things, achievers are described as liking recognition at work and I believe this accurately describes me, however the other items listed are not items I would consider my favorite things.
For my secondary VALS type, experiencer, I agree that I seek variety and excitement. This description contrasts with certain aspects of the achiever VALS type, so I think that the combination of the different parts of each VALS type describe my outlook. Parts of the experiencer description that I would not agree with are that they enjoy the offbeat and risky, however the description that they are impulsive consumers very accurately describes my outlook. Under favorite things I agree that I enjoy being entertained.
Although there were certain parts of each type that I did not agree with, the descriptions of both achiever and experiencer line up very closely with my overall outlook.

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