Friday, November 1, 2013

My VALS Type

According to VALS, my primary type is “experiencer” and my secondary type is “innovator”. When I first read the description about how experiencers tend to spend a high proportion of their incomes on entertainment, fashion and other things they think are “cool”, I initially thought that it was not an accurate description of me. When I came out of denial and thought about it, I realized with some guilt that I do actually spend most of my money on what I consider to be well-made clothes, entertainment and other things “experiencers” tend to spend money on. I am a little concerned with this result because the description of “experiencers” make them seem like they are big consumers focused on their own experiences with little to offer to society. According to the description, my favorite things are VW, Rolling Stone, Red Bull and to be entertained. I have never read Rolling Stone, enjoyed Red Bull or driven a Volkswagen, so I happily thought to myself, “I’m not that predictable after all.” Or so I hope. 

When I read about my secondary type, “innovator”, I was more pleased. According to the description, innovators are also active consumers but are emerging leaders in business and government. This, to me, means that the innovators have a little more to offer and are not as focused on just the material pleasure of having nice things. Instead they enjoy the rewarding feelings of successful leadership and making a difference in business and government. The innovator’s specific favorite things are BMW, Wired, sparkling water and a rewarding experience. Again, I have never driven a BMW, don’t read Wired and I dislike sparkling water. I do, however, love rewarding experiences. At the same time, though, don’t most people like rewarding experiences? As an aspiring businesswoman, I was happier to see that I fell under the profile of innovator. I feel like I am more of an innovator than an experiencer.

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