Friday, November 1, 2013

Online Assignment #2: VALS Type

After taking the VALS survey, I was classified as an "experiencer" first and as an "innovator", second.

By and large, I thought the "experiencer" type actually fit me relatively well. I am a pretty enthusiastic person and often an impulse shopper--two listed qualities of being an "experiencer"! Furthermore, I definitely do place an emphasis on having the newest trends and being in the know of what is "cool". I've always admired those who look put together in their Ralph Lauren and envied those who are able to listen to music with Beats. Being an "experiencer" didn't really come as a surprise to me--after all, I am very interested in the fashion industry. My only criticism, per say, of being labeled an "experiencer" was that I'm not a risky person whatsoever. I've always enjoyed structure in my life and make a concerted effort to think very carefully through every action of mine.

While the "experiencer" did fit me, I think I was more pleased with my label of "innovator". As an "innovator", once uses image as 'an expression of their taste, independence, and personality.' I thought this was a much more positive connotation than the one of wanting to look nice solely because it's what's "cool". Also, I liked the fact that "innovators" appreciate the finer things in life--as I tend to value the same. Once again, though, the aspect of variety didn't seem to fit my preferred structured life.

It's difficult because I feel like the "experiencer" makes me seem too impulsive, reckless, and cliche, whereas the "innovator" makes me seem a bit snobby and snooty. I feel that I am more than my purchases and image.

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